Florist Allegedly Put Hidden Camera In Floral Arrangement To Spy On Woman

A florist in Pennsylvania is facing charges after a woman found a hidden camera in her floral arrangement. Police said that Eric Belak, 57, secretly filmed the woman over the course of four days and recorded images and videos of her undressing, which he downloaded to his computer.

One of the videos shows Belak adjusting the camera on the floral arrangement, which was in the woman's bedroom.

A relative of the woman, who was not identified, found nude photos of the victim on Belak's computer and confronted him about it. He then grabbed the computer and began deleting the images. It is unclear how the woman was able to discover the photos on Belak's computer.

Belak tried to apologize to the woman, calling it a "stupid, drunk decision," and said that he never shared the photos and videos with anybody.

"I made a stupid drunk decision. I don't know how to apologize. I am sorry. Nothing was ever shared," Belak wrote in a text message.

Belak was served a summons in the mail and is facing a felony charge of intercepting communications and misdemeanor charges of designing/copy obscene materials, stalking and invasion of privacy, invasion of privacy, and stalking.

According to KDKA, Belak told police: "I only wanted to see her naked one time."

Photo: Getty Images

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