Murder Suspect Captured After Big-Rig Blocks Road During High-Speed Chase

A wild police chase finally came to end after two hours when a truck driver used his big-rig to block the road. The chase started in Murrieta, California, when police confronted a suspected murderer. The man, who has not been identified, assaulted Riverside County Sheriff's deputy before getting into a pick-up and driving away.

Authorities chased the suspect across four counties in Southern California. He hit speeds of 90 mph and taunted the police as he weaved between traffic. He eventually made his way to Pomona, and tried to cut through a gas station.

That's when the truck driver saw the chase and decided to get involved. Ahmed Shabaan told KTTV, that he knew the man driving the pick-up truck was a wanted murdered and that police had been chasing him for roughly two hours.

"I just thought to get him off the street," Shabaan said. "If I didn't, and [officers] have been behind him for that long and didn't stop him ... I have the power."

Shabaan drove his tractor-trailer into the path of the pick-up forcing it to crash, bringing an end to the wild police chase.

The suspect was injured and taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. He remains in custody, but it is unknown what charges he is facing. A passenger in the car, who identified herself as "Roxy," was interviewed by detectives and then released.

She told KTTV reporter Bill Melugin that she knew the driver but had no idea that he was wanted for murder.

"We were hanging out, and he said he wanted to help his friend in LA," Roxy said outside of a gas station. "I said, 'I am down to roll. It's all good. We'll go help your friend.'"

Photo: Getty Images

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