Trump’s Week of Overturning Obama on Things Like Health Care and Bergdahl Is Why He Was Elected

RUSH: Trump continues... Last week... I mentioned this on Friday. And, you know, I didn't spend enough time on it. I mentioned it in the last half hour of the program. Trump's week last week was precisely why he was elected, and his week last week, not just in blowing up all of the Obama legacy -- and the Drive-Bys are caterwauling about this. Obamacare, the subsidies to the insurance companies. The left is predictably outraged, claiming, "President Trump is going to kill people! People are going to die," even though all that's happened here is that Trump has inserted the rule of law in this. Obama's executive action ordering federal government subsidies and paybacks to insurance companies for paying for premiums for poor people was unconstitutional. It is illegal. All Trump did was say so. He simply said (paraphrased), "It's unconstitutional, and I am issuing an executive order here that removes these subsidies," and now we're back within the confines of the Constitution. You know what the key element of this is? The Democrats passed Obamacare knowing full well that it could not sustain itself as written. So Obama immediately began issuing executive orders that consisted of waivers for donors and other Democrats -- fundraisers and bundlers. They were waived, they were given waivers from the stifling circumstances imposed by Obamacare, and the second thing, these subsidies that the insurance companies were offered, which... Both of these things Obama did were unconstitutional, but that's not the point. Well, it is the point. But the primary point is that the law as written could not sustain itself. The law as written doomed Obamacare financially, politically. It did not have legs. There was no solid foundation. So here came the waivers and here came the executive order authorizing subsidies to insurance companies. What Trump has done has taken Obamacare now back within the confines of the rule of law, whereby and wherein it will implode. My buddy Andy McCarthy had a great place at National Review Saturday pointing out, essentially, that this is how you kill Obamacare. You keep it within the confines of the law. A lawful enforcement and interpretation of Obamacare dooms it. It can't survive without Obama's executive actions and orders which set the law and the Constitution aside. So what Trump is actually done here... Now Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are running around screaming bloody murder that this is gonna be cold-hearted and mean-spirited to the poor and everything. (laughing) Over the insurance company bailouts. But, anyway, simply by making it legal -- we don't need the Republicans to pass legislation; we don't need the Senate to pass legislation, House or Senate -- the law itself will implode and crater simply because it's exemptions from the law have been eliminated. Isn't that fascinating? That's all it ever took. But Trump decided that he would try to work with the House and the Senate, Republicans and Democrats -- Chuck and Nancy and Mitch and Paul -- to see if they can come up with a compromise legislatively that would do all this. But they couldn't. Now, people are also caterwauling, "Trump can't do this! He can't do this! It's Obama's." Yes, he can. He can dismantle everything Obama did by virtue of executive order. Obama... You know, people talk about how much popularity he had, how loved he was. Obama couldn't get, probably, 75% of his agenda, if it requires legislation. That's why so much was done with executive orders and executive action. But it wasn't just Obamacare. Trump has totally blown up the Obama legacy on climate change and environmentalism. He's blown up the Obama legacy on the Iran deal. In one week, folks! It was profound. It was exactly why Trump was elected, and we've been bombarded all weekend with all the pundits complaining about it -- Trump undoing Obama's legacy -- because in their mind whatever Obama did, legal or not, was good and was supportive and should have never been challenged. And whatever Trump is doing is absolutely wrong and incorrect. By the way, I finally heard -- and I can't remember who it is. But I felt so validated because I saw somebody... I really wish I could remember who it was. It might have been this morning; it might have been sometime last night. But somebody pointed out... It was Michael Goodwin (that's who it was) at the New York Post. He was on Fox & Friends today and was talking to Steve Doocy. He pointed out something that I have been saying for months now that we don't get news anymore, that what the media is is nothing other than the advancement of the Obama agenda, the protection of the Obama agenda, or the destruction of Trump. A combination of those things. But there isn't any news anymore. Goodwin made the point... Now, he was talking about it within the context of the only thing news media is doing is criticizing Trump. They are not analyzing any Trump proposal, any Trump policy. They are not saying one thing good about anything Trump is doing, and, as such, there is no news anymore. Right on! There isn't any news, and there hasn't been any news, and it predates the way the media has been dealing with Trump. But I felt really validated by that. Now, there's one other thing here that Trump has "undone," if you will. We've had Obamacare, the Iran deal, climate change, a couple of other things -- and now another aspect of Obama's legacy is being undone with Bowe Bergdahl pleading guilty to desertion. Now, I know some of you remember this. It seems like it was only yesterday that Susan Rice in the Obama Regime was hailing Bergdahl as a hero and attacking anybody who would dare question his record or complain about the lives lost trying to recover him or even complain about giving back to the Taliban 5 of their top leaders for a deserter. Obama had seen parents to the White House, and they were singing the praises -- the Obama administration was singing the praises -- of a military deserter. And Trump, while this was happening, was blasting Bergdahl, blasting Obama's comments about Bergdahl, who, once again, Trump is turning out to have been right from the start.
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