Leftists Try to Shift Blame from Harvey and Bill Clinton to Trump

RUSH: So this is kind of funny. A number of the media people and some Democrats are now beginning to suggest -- and it's coupled with a little bit of concern and worry -- that the Harvey Weinstein stuff is being overplayed, that the media is spending too much time on it. That we're now into repetition and there's nothing new to see here, and so it's nothing more than gratuities to keep doing this. "The poor man! Let him lay," or what have you. I just want to remind everybody: One year ago this week... This is still October. You know, we're coming up on the anniversary of the election. (chuckles) I know it seems like the election was longer ago than one year, but we're not yet to the one year anniversary. I just want to remind you. How many people remember one year ago this week Barack Hussein Obama issued a permit to a group of people the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape on a giant screen on the national lawn 24/7. Do you remember that? (interruption) You don't remember that? That's why I'm host and you are on the other side of the glass. You remember this, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) You do. Folks, this was huge. It was during the campaign -- and remember, this was the October surprise, the Access Hollywood tape. This was it. This was gonna be what doomed the Trumpster. So Obama granted a permit for some group. I don't remember what the group was, but they were allowed to play on a giant screen on the National Mall 24/7 a loop of the Trump Access Hollywood video. Of course, it was senseless because everybody in Washington alreaady hated Trump. They weren't gonna be persuading anybody. Here's from the New York Daily News on October 6th: "Trump's Access Hollywood tape is playing on a loop on the National Mall in D.C. A large screen has been playing Trump's scandalous Access Hollywood tape on a loop in the National Mall in Washington, on Friday after it was placed there by a women's advocacy group." Now we've people suggesting, "Hey, you know, we're overplaying the Harvey thing. Back off a bit." Mrs. Clinton can't help... You know, it's funny. She's been doing interviews all over the place. She's not looking good. Sorry to notice, but you can't miss it. I mean, it is what it is, right? And you know how she's answering this question? "Well, my husband... My husband, that's in the past. We have a sexual predator in the White House right now!" That, I think, gives us a hint as to how the Democrats, the media, and the left are now gonna transition out of the Harvey story. They're gonna try to make it the Trump story, have it segue from Harvey to Trump on the basis that, "Hey, if sexual predators are bad guys and we gotta send 'em to sex rehab in Arizona, is Trump next?" This is what they're gonna try. It isn't gonna work. They've got to be frustrated as all get out. Nothing they are trying, nothing they have tried is working. And if they keep reviving things that are variations of all of their tactics that exist in their playbook, they're gonna continue to bomb out.
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

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