Fenika Miller - Organizer, activist and entrepreneur

We're celebrating Women's History Month and International Women's Day All Month Long with female leaders in our community.

Fenika Miller

Position: Organizer, activist and entrepreneur

Years in service: More than 20 years

Years in Middle Georgia: Born and raised in Houston County

What are your goals?

“So, the crux of my work, particularly since 2012, has been to teach women and girls how policy affects their lives, and we do that through civic engagement, youth development, and community engagement.

“We still in Houston County only have one Black woman in elected office, and representation matters. So how we put women and girls in the room with their elected officials and teach them how to advocate for themselves is really where we continue to focus our efforts.

Who inspires you?

“There are so many. If I had to think of a woman in politics, in local politics, it’s not just one, it would be any woman, particularly any woman of color and Black woman who placed her name on the ballot in the last 10 years despite what Houston County politics looks like.

“Always Ms. Ada Lee, who was a great mentor of mine. At times when you want to kind of stop doing the work because it just seems insurmountable, she would always say, ‘We have to keep fighting even for those individuals who don’t know that they need someone to fight for them.’”

What is your hope for Middle Georgia?

“Again, it goes back to representation. I hope that we can continue to shift into that role. We saw the 2020 election cycle where we had Erikka Williams and Angela Anderson that were on the ballot... all amazing women candidates on the ballot.

“I hope that we can continue to focus on the issues, continue to recruit and encourage more women to run for elected office and to support them when they do place their names on the ballot.”

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