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Coronavirus Updates & News

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Georgia surpasses 140,000 total coronavirus cases. Look at 24-hour trends

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported more than 143,000 cumulative COVID-19 cases Sunday, up by 3,251 cases in a 24-hour period.

Here are some key takeaways from the latest data:

Cases:143,123(+3,251 in 24 hours).

Deaths:3,173 (+5 deaths in 24 hours).

Tests:Georgia reported 200,457 total antibody tests and 1,255,319 total viral tests (+56,641 new viral tests in 24 hours).

Current Hospitalizations:3,036, a new record. That’s an increase of 107 patients in 24 hours.

No new deaths were reported in Bibb, Houston or Muscogee counties. As of Sunday:

▪Bibb County reported 2,201 cases, up 49 cases in 24 hours. The county had 44 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths.

▪Houston County reported 1,217 cases, up 27 cases in 24 hours. The county had 33 coronavirus-related deaths.

▪Muscogee County reported 3,382 COVID-19 cases, an increase of 61 in 24 hours. The county had 64 coronavirus-related deaths.

Gwinnett County reports the highest number of cases in the state at 13,444

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