WATCH: Florida Man Carries Dog Through Waist-Deep Ian Floods

A shocking video shows a South Florida man wading through waist-high flood waters with a dog as Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on the state.

Dylon Estevez, the man carrying the dog, can be heard comforting the pooch as another person records the inundated apartment complex in Key West. He told FOX 35 that he was forced to evacuate his apartment when the area started flooding. The rest of the video shows the duo trudging through the flood with trees and power lines flailing in the wind.

"This is absolutely nuts," one of them says in the video.

Meteorologists say Ian, which has upgraded to a Category 4, would bring dangerous flooding to the region, which is known to easily swell with water during normal thunderstorms. It's also the peak season for king tides, which means there would be no place for the water to run off until the tides subside.

South Florida wasn't in Ian's direct path but still suffered from tornadoes, power outages, fallen trees, and terrible flooding in some areas. The hurricane is on track to slam Florida's west coast with winds up to 155 mph and storm surges, but experts say it can change direction at any time.

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