Hawaiian Airlines' In-flight Video Teaches Tourists To Travel Respectfully

Hawaiian Airlines unveiled a new in-flight video that focuses on teaching tourists how to treat the islands with respect during their vacation. Since July, Hawaii has been inundated with travelers when the state lifted some of its COVID restrictions, allowing vaccinated travelers to visit.

The surge in tourists has caused conflicts with some of the locals and led to calls for people to stay away.

"It's not a good time to travel to the islands. Restaurant capacity has been restricted. There is limited access to rental cars … and we know that the visitors who choose to come to the islands will not have the typical kind of holiday that they expect to get when they visit Hawaii," Governor David Ige said in August.

Hawaiian Airlines hopes its new video, titled Travel Pono, will help tourists understand their role in protecting the state's natural beauty.

"Travel Pono means to explore with care, offering your kōkua (help) to preserve our natural resources, cultures, and communities. It's recognizing your responsibility while gaining a deeper connection to Hawaii," the airline said.

The five-minute video features Hawaiin Airlines employees providing travelers information about the conservation of endangered species, local cultural and community practices, hiking and ocean safety, and how to protect the local environment.

"We've served as Hawai'i's hometown carrier for over nine decades, and as residents of this special place, we are proud to welcome our guests with valuable information that will enrich their experience on the islands while helping protect Hawai'i's natural resources and our way of life," said Avi Mannis, senior vice president of marketing at Hawaiian Airlines. "Over the last month, we have heard from our community and employees calling for a video like this, and we listened."

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