Michael T. Sterling

About Micheal T. Sterling

People ask me, "Mike, can you win?" I reply: "If you'll be with me, we can win."I'm running for Mayor because I don't think this is the time to sit on the sidelines and spectate. 

I am running for all of the true believers who refuse to accept the status quo and believe that we can ask for more, achieve better and include everyone in the promise of Atlanta. 

I am running for the people who have been turned off or never paid attention to politics before because they didn't think it would make a difference. 

I am running for those who have been disappointed, but still remain hopeful that we can achieve a better tomorrow. People that believe that we can achieve growth in our most troubled neighborhoods, reduce income inequality, and help small business thrive. 

I am running for the folks that care about the future of our city and all the residents in it.If you'll be with me, we can all win. I love you Atlanta

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