On Thursday morning, Sean Hannity's Twitter account, without explanation, went into 'protected' mode. The change meant that only followers of Sean could view his tweets, and he would have to manually confirm anyone who wished to follow his feed.

The Twitter world immediately took notice of the change in status, with some even suggesting something nefarious was afoot:

Some snowflakes, including ex-Obama speech writer Jon Favreau, even implied that Sean had gone into hiding:

So what happened? Had Sean been suspended? Was he covering something up?

The reality of the matter is much more mundane: Sean did it by accident.

Hannity explained on Thursday's radio show that he changed his account setting after a prompt by Twitter while trying to access the WikiLeaks press conference on Periscope.

Moments later, Hannity's account was restored to public.

Listen to Sean explain why his Twitter account went into "protected" mode in the audio above.