A Los Angeles driver for the popular ride-sharing app Uber has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a woman, with the intention of sexually assaulting her, law enforcement said Tuesday.

According to the LAPD, Frederick Dencer, 32, of Encino, was asked by a valet employee at a West Hollywood nightclub to drive a 26-year-woman home. In a statement, Lt. Paul Vernon said that, instead of taking her to her residence, Dencer “took advantage of the situation.” They reportedly ended up in the Panorama Motel in Van Nuys, where Dencer carried the woman into a room and slept with her.

The woman reportedly awoke early the next morning to find Dencer next to her, shirtless. When Dencer tried to “suggest sexual activity,” the woman rejected him. 

The woman left the motel and went to a Panorama City 7-Eleven, where she called the police. She reportedly told authorities that she had been bar-hopping the night before, and it was possible that she had used Uber (where she allegedly has an account) to get home. 

Although police reputedly contest the claim that the woman used Uber to get home that night, Dencer is an Uber driver. Upon becoming aware of Dencer’s arrest, Uber suspended his account and officials said in a statement, “the facts are unknown at this stage and it's certainly unclear that this is an Uber-related incident, as the driver in question was not logged in, connected to or operating on the platform at the time.”

Tuesday was not a great day for the ride-sharing company. A 28-year-old Uber driver in San Francisco, Daveea Whitmire—who reportedly has a felony conviction—was charged with two misdemeanor battery counts after allegedly getting into an altercation with an UberX passenger.

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